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Technology Matters
Probably the hottest thing in the airport concession industry now are the applications for concession ordering. The current Apps out in the market supply (at least as of now), only pre-ordering for  a limited number of restaurants (no retail) at select airports, requiring the customer to go to the store to pick up their orders. Coming soon, however, is an application that will allow people to pre-order concessions (both food and retail goods)  up to a week in advance of their trip, and have the products delivered to their holdroom. For tight connections, this will mean that the traveler is no longer faced with being "stuck" with whatever they can grab near their gate or on their trek. Gate huggers can get the $20 meal, instead of paying $8 for fast food just so they can stay within eyesight of their gate. The App also learns the travelers' likes, dislikes, and habits,  and will even be able to get information from social media in order to deliver intelligent, targeted reminders instead of just bugging all travelers with the same messages which may not matter to the traveler. Let's talk technology and what is best for your airport.
  1. Facility Planning
    What does your airport need? Where should it go? Whether on our own or working with an architectural/engineering/design team, AEC2 can help to ensure that your airport has the right concessions and advertising fixtures in the right places to ensure that revenues are optimized.
  2. Market Research
    What is going on in the world of aviation revenue production? What are best practices in airports and on the street? What future opportunities are coming to market in the next few years? We can help you, business or airport, to know what is going on today and what you might see tomorrow.
  3. Commercial Planning
    What is going on at other airports? How are they succeeding and how can their experiences help you? What management methodology will work best for your airport, given your enplanements, configuration, goals, stakeholders, etc? We will make sure that your commercial plan makes the most of what you have. .
  4. Solicitation Response Preparation
    We bring our vast experience in developing and evaluating solicitations to help your small business to effectively compete. Whether the needed response is a short, clean letter proposal, or whether a more graphically-intense response is needed. AEC2 can help you to earn that next airport opportunity.
  5. Solicitations and Leases
    We have drafted many solicitations, leases and contracts for a variety of airport aviation and non-aviation revenue producing opportunities. We can help you to streamline your process and to attract the right partners to make the most of every square foot of valuable airport real estate.
  6. Business Development
    Do you need help to get known in the airport commercial industry? Do you need to meet the right people and get the right meetings. AEC2 can help you with this, dipping into our golden Rolodex to ensure that your business becomes known by the people you want to meet.