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(Just some places and companies I think are paid ads here!)

 Okay...well, maybe this is a bit of a message I'm paid for...but only because I am a partner in the business. Airport Sherpa (coming soon to LOTS of airports) is a concession ordering and delivery concierge service, powered by a machine-intelligent App. Our website is The App is not yet available to everyone, but stay tuned for some really exciting news.

A great friend, Susan Turner, runs True North Management Consulting. They believe that a fully trained and supported manager (be it a single manager, a GM, or a team of managers) is the single most important component to a successful operation. She's currently building her website at Keep an eye out for it. Her teams' expertise can contribute a great deal to your bottom line. 

A long time ago I met Lise D'Andrea in Leadership Anne Arundel (see below). Customer Service Experts (CSE) was just a small company back then. However, she has grown CSE into one of the primary providers of customer service analysis and training, leadership development, and mystery shopping services for airports. Even though CSE has grown, Lise and her team still provide personal customer service and facilitate a true team environment. Please visit to learn about CSE and what it can do for you.

Visit / for my friend Phillippe Rouin's uniquely Parisian spin on marketing and branding. He does most of his work outside the US, but I think he can do some pretty great things for US businesses too. Need a style? BrandingPass is definitely a business partner to consider. 

I've met and worked with a lot of people in my 22+ years in the industry. One of the best brand-reps and support people for small businesses is Tonja Pastorelle. She works out of Chicago, has been in the industry for probably as long as I have, and has had excellent success. Am I pushing a competitor? Perhaps, but she's a good person and a strong business advisor and I respect her and her work. You can find her website at  .

Leadership Anne Arundel is an outstanding programis designed to provide people of diverse backgrounds with the education, resources, and networks necessary to become successful, proactive leaders in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, the home county to BWI Marshall Airport (although similar programs exist elsewhere). Check out their webpage at I was a member of the Flagship Class of 2004...the best class!

Visit to check out the Jonathan Wilson's podcast dedicated to the US aviation business.
Visit to read the opinions of Michael Boyd, one of the most intelligent, and often contraversial, people in aviation.
Visit to join Brett Snyder and his legion of aviation geeks, as well as to learn how his Cranky Concierge team can help make travel a bit less difficult.
Visit to see what James Adams and Kerry Burg, two of the most creative people I know, can do for your image and brand.
​Visit to see my blog, usually about aviation issues.
For many years, I had the pleasure of chairing a track at . Participating is a great opportunity to immerse yourself into everything travel facility related, from concessions to airport cities to...well, just check out the link.
Speaking of conferences, there  are a few opportunities in the US to talk concessions and revenue and to meet people with like interests: the annual ARN conference (, the ACI-NA Business of Airports conference ( and (especially if you are an ACDBE or a DBE or are seeking such firms for a team) the annual Airport Minority Advisory Council event (